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WHY Corrit for Solar Plant Installation?


Our Engineers would visit the site for free to inspect & confirm the size of the plant.


We give priority to quality work over high margins. As an esteemed customer, we will always give you the best and lowest pricing.


Corrit shall handle all the documentation regarding subsidy application (wherever applicable). At ZERO additional cost.


Each day lost during the setup is a loss to your solar income, We understand that. Our team never misses the deadline.

Solar Plant for Residential

The cost of your monthly electricity bill is only expected to go high from where it is today. Electricity Tariff is rising by around 10% every 5 years and high consumption will only make it worse. We at Corrit are determined to provide you the best possible solution to manage your rising electricity costs. Your rooftop is capable of saving you large sums of money by cutting down your dependencies on grid supplied electricity.

Our team conducts a free inspection at your premises and then suggests you the plant size basis the suitable area and electricity consumption. We have partnered with the best possible brands in the industry that will ensure you maximum savings.

Govt. is highly supportive of Solar Plant installations at present. In some states, the subsidy offered is as high as 30%. Contact us today regarding your plant and enjoy the renewable energy benefits for the next 25 yrs.

Solar Plant for Commercial

We do large scale Solar Plant installations for industrial businesses and institutions under Capex and RESCO model. Your rooftop, parking space and other shadow free areas can save you millions of Electricity Units annually. From an advanced Site Assessment to Commissioning, we provide turnkey solutions to your Solar Power Requirement. We also do Solar Setup under RESCO model for our clients. Large scale profitable companies with MW scale requirements can apply for this arrangement.

Besides Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), we shall also assist in Government Liasoning and O&M Services.

Solar For Power Purchasers

Have large usage of electricity requirements but no area/capital for Solar Plant Setup? Need not worry anymore. We help large companies execute Power Purchase Agreements with State or privately owned Solar Plants through open access. Clients can enter into 15-20 years Purchase Agreement to receive the electricity at a discounted rate during the agreed period. Besides identifying the supplier, we shall also assist the client in negotiation, documentation and other related compliances.

Govt. is highly supportive of Renewable Energy mediums at present. State Governments of many states have waived off intra-state wheeling charges and cross subsidy charges, thus making Solar Energy provisions even more attractive.



1 KW of plant produces around 1400 units annually thus making it a 25 yrs money making opportunity.


Only resource required for generation is Sunlight. You enjoy 25 yrs performance warranty on your panels.


Average payback period for your solar investment is ~3.5yrs. Then it’s free electricity until 25 yrs.


1KW of Solar Plant is equivalent to planting 20 trees.

Free Solar Consultation
Free Solar Consultation