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    Solar for Commercial and Industrial

    With expertise in handling MSMEs and large-scale projects across various industries, we are able to custom design the most suitable solar energy solution. Our systems ensure seamless integration of various energy sources available at your premise.

    All our solar system installations come with remote monitoring systems that help you track energy generation and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Our business customers can further benefit from solar loans ensuring your energy savings contributes to a majority or more of your EMI.

    At Corrit Energy & Infra, we understand that investing in solar can be a big step for you. To help you through the decision process, we promise to guide you in each step and come up with the best solar energy solution. Our team is spread across the country to ensure you have a hassle-free experience, irrespective of where you are located. We also assist you with flexible financial options to make the entire process of solar system installation smooth for you.

    How Can Solar Help You?

    Eliminate Energy Cost

    Energy expenses are one of the major costs that can hamper profits for a business. By opting for a solar system, you can significantly reduce your energy costs and hence improve profitability.

    Great ROI and Payback

    Saving on your electricity bill and the option to claim accelerated depreciation in 3 to 4 years makes solar a viable choice for any business.

    Seamless Integration

    Solar energy can be seamlessly integrated with alternate forms of energy sources. This ensures stable and dependable energy for your business that improves life of various equipment.

    Specialists in kW to MW

    Solar plants customised to meet specific energy needs

    Components from tier 1 vendors assuring quality

    AMC/O&M option for a hassle-free solar experience