Solar for Home

Solar Installation For Home

Corrit Energy & Infra helps make your journey towards adopting residential solar installation easy and simple. We ensure transparency of information and a hassle-free experience from pre-sale to post- installation.

We pride ourselves in providing only the best quality residential solar installations for our customers. We have helped homeowners across the NCR and Uttar Pradesh harness solar energy and save big on electricity bills every month. Our customers have experienced up to 90% reduction in their electricity bills after solar system installations.

To improve affordability for our residential customers further, we have introduced solar loans through our financial partners. Financing the purchase of your residential solar system through our lending partners means fast approvals and higher savings.

At Corrit Energy & Infra, we understand that investing in solar for home can be a big step. To help you through the process, we promise to work with you at every step.

How Can Solar Help In Residential Solar Installation?

Solar For Home Benefits In Reduced Electricity Bills

You can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills by opting for solar energy. A grid-tied solar system installation company along with net metering ensures you get credit for unused power generated for your home.

Great ROI and Payback 

A solar system gives you an ROI of 25-30%. This means that you earn Rs. 25,000- 30,000 annually for every lakh you invest in residential solar system.

Minimal Maintenance

Solar panels are very durable and last for 25 years. Cleaning the panels once every two weeks is the only maintenance required. This basic cleaning routine ensures that the panels can generate maximum power for you.

Clean and Sustainable Power 

Did you know that a 5kW solar system installation is equivalent to planting 80 trees and reducing 8 tonnes of greenhouse gas emission annually? We are proud to help you champion sustainability by opting for residential solar. Read here for more information on sustainable power.


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