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    Operation and Maintenance

    Every Solar PV installation is a long-term investment, deemed to give you returns year after year. But like any other investment, you need to ensure these returns are optimum and your assets value is safe. A Solar PV installation that has not been cleaned for over a month will give you a power yield less than it’s rated capacity. The power generation can fall by as much as 30%. Then there are risks of outages and downtime on account of component failure, electrical faults etc. These are just a few of events that can directly effect your bottom line. THE ANSWER IS PREVENTIVE, PREDICTIVE AND CORRECTIVE MAINTENANCE OF YOUR SOLAR PV INSTALLATION.

    How Can O&M Help You?

    Preventive and predictive maintenance of all civil, electrical and mechanical components ensures optimized plant yield and return on investment.

    Regular energy production & performance audits with updated metering tools as well as risk assessment and precautions updates help extend your asset life.

    Quick response to production-impacting events helps safely resolve issues before they impact your revenue and profitability.

    O&M Package Includes

    1. Panels cleaning at defined intervals (thrice a month).
    2. Clearing vegetation, shading from nearby trees, plants etc.
    3. Electrical checks, loose connections (thermal imaging), string current, voltage, etc.
    4. Calibration of Sensors, SCADA, Monitoring system.
    5. Checking Inverter functionality & diagnosing abnormal behavior in the power plant.
    6. Alarm handling with response time of 48 hrs. Notifying errors.
    7. Notifying manufacturing faults, Management of repairs/upgrades.
    8. Fortnightly reporting Warranty claim assistance.
    9. Spares like mc4 connectors, fuses, electricals, inverter to be provided by us.